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SmartRoom, is a next-generation content management platform. Built from the ground up, SmartRoom Virtual Data Room was designed to deliver greater efficiency and bank-grade security for file sharing and collaboration.


Axial is the business development network for middle market CEOs and deal professionals. Through curated events, proprietary data, and a confidential online platform, Axial helps it’s members forge relationships and get deals done.

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Sutton Place Strategies is an award-winning deal sourcing intelligence provider. Through its powerful online tools and mobile app, SPS delivers PE & MA professionals actionable data and analytics to optimize their business development and deal sourcing effort


DataFox surfaces, monitors, and prioritizes the best prospects for hundreds of financial firms including Goldman Sachs, Accel Partners, and Warburg Pincus. Since 2013, DataFox has developed a constantly updating, proprietary company database using machine learning and white-glove human analysts.


Maestro is the first technology platform designed to institutionalize a private equity firm’s approach to value creation. Maestro couples best-in-class playbooks with a task management solution, enabling Sponsors to drive maximum returns and increase transparency and accountability with their management teams.

Cobalt GP is a single analytical interface that allows private fund managers to discover new insights, proactively drive investment returns and fundraise better.